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Teen Clinic

Teen Clinic logo

Thanks for checking out the Teen Clinic! Teens can feel kinda stuck when they go to the dentist. They definitely are NOT kids but they still like the perks, contests & prizes that Alligator Dental is famous for. (Who doesn’t like free stuff?) So we created the Teen Clinic just for you!


  • Teen Lanyard – With Wifi password! Be sure to wear this so everyone knows you are here for the Teen Clinic – and doesn’t treat you like one of the kids! Or you can hang it out of your pocket – just make sure we can see it!
  • Kindle – Don’t have your phone? Borrow a Kindle & watch TV or movies, read, surf the web or listen to music during your appointment.
  • Ear Buds – complimentary ear buds for our Teens
  • Teen Lounge – Hang out spot designated for Teens, equipped with charging stations
  • Teen Treatment Perks Menu – Gotta get some treatment done? Choose a personal treatment experience package:
    Aromatherapy, Comfy Stuff, Zoning Out or Media.
  • Teen Contests & Prizes – just for Teens!